Care Instructions

General Guide Lines

Mango is a very delicate fruit and needs good care and precautions while handling. Below are some points which can be followed when you receive your box of happiness:

  1. Do not refrigerate or freeze mangoes before they are fully ripped.
  2. Ideal ripening temperature range for mangoes is between 23-26 deg C. Mangoes must be stored at this temperature for ripening, or else they won’t ripen fully.
  3. The ideal relative humidity more mangoes to ripen is 80-90% and it needs to be maintain for good ripening results.
  4. Once ripen, the Mangoes can be stored in a fridge to prolong shelf life. Avoid taking mangoes out of the fridge frequently as it will cause tissue damage.
  5. Mango ripens well in a dark place at the proper temperature and humidity. Some people place it in a brown bag with bananas. Bananas release gases during ripening which accelerate the ripening process of a mango.
  6. As it ripens, Mango needs to breathe, do not keep mangoes in non-breathing material.
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