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chaunsa mango from pakistan in germany

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Chaunsa From Pakistan

Chaunsa mango is truly a treat for mango lovers around the world.also known as the “King of Mangoes,” is a variety renowned for its rich, aromatic flavor and smooth, fiberless texture. Its vibrant golden-yellow skin conceals juicy, luscious flesh that melts in your mouth, leaving a sweet and tangy tropical essence.


Juicy, Fragrant, and Irresistibly Sweet!

Sindhri From Sindh

Sindhri mangoes have a deliciously sweet and slightly tangy taste. Their juicy, fiberless flesh melts in your mouth, leaving a tropical sweetness that is absolutely irresistible.

Small but Sweet!

Anwar Ratol From Sindh

Anwar Ratol mangoes  are smaller in size but bigger in their sweetness, named after a farmer Named “Anwar” living in the village “ratol” quickly became everyones favourite in region.

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